Kid Party Giveaway Ideas in Manila: Unique and Budget-Friendly Options!

Welcome to our guide on kid party giveaway ideas in Manila! Planning a party for your little ones can be an exciting experience, but it can also be tough to find the perfect giveaways that are both unique and budget-friendly. In this article, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to make your child’s birthday party unforgettable! So, whether you’re planning a themed party or just looking for inspiration, keep reading for some great ideas and tips.

The Importance of Giveaways

Giveaways are a crucial element of any party, especially for kids. It’s a simple way of showing your guests that you appreciate their presence and that you want them to have a great time. Giveaways also serve as fantastic souvenirs for children to take home and remind them of the fun they had at the party.

However, finding the right giveaways can be tricky. Choosing giveaways that don’t break the bank and align with your party theme can be challenging. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Our guide provides you with suggestions for unique and budget-friendly giveaways that will surely make your little ones happy.

Why Choose Manila for Your Kid’s Party

Manila, the bustling capital of the Philippines, has so much to offer when it comes to planning a party. From the vibrant culture to the city’s rich history, there’s something for everyone. Manila’s diverse communities and neighborhoods provide endless party themes and ideas. Plus, the city’s many markets offer a wide variety of affordable giveaways that can make your party unforgettable. Here are some ideas for kid party giveaway items in Manila:

Unique and Budget-Friendly Giveaways: 15 Ideas to Make Your Kid’s Party Unforgettable

Giveaway Description Price Range
DIY Slime Kits Make your own slime kits that come in different colors and glitter options. ₱30-₱50 per kit
Coloring Books and Crayons Keep the little ones busy with coloring books and crayons. You can also customize the coloring books with your party theme. ₱20-₱40 per set
Personalized Water Bottles Encourage your guests to stay hydrated with personalized water bottles with your kid’s party theme. ₱50-₱80 per bottle
Birthday Hats and Crowns Add some flair to your party with personalized birthday hats and crowns. ₱20-₱40 per piece
Candy Bags Create goodie bags filled with candies, chocolates, and sweets as a simple but sweet giveaway option. ₱50-₱70 per set
Puzzle Sets Challenge your guests to solve puzzles with customized puzzle sets with your party theme. ₱50-₱70 per set
DIY Bracelet Kits Get creative with DIY bracelet kits with different colored beads and designs. ₱30-₱50 per kit
Bounce Balls Let your guests have a ball with colorful bounce balls that come in different sizes and designs. ₱20-₱40 per piece
Notebooks and Pens Provide your guests with notebooks and pens customized with your party theme to encourage creativity. ₱30-₱50 per set
Balloons Add some fun to your party with balloons in different colors and designs. ₱20-₱40 per set
Mini-Playdough Sets Encourage your guests to use their imagination with mini-playdough sets in different colors. ₱20-₱40 per set
Cute Keychains Provide your guests with cute keychains customized to match your party theme. ₱30-₱50 per piece
Temporary Tattoos Let your guests show off their artistic side with temporary tattoos in different designs and colors. ₱20-₱40 per set
Party Blowouts Get the party started with party blowouts that come in different colors and designs. ₱20-₱40 per set
Bubble Wands Provide your guests with bubble wands for some outdoor fun. ₱20-₱40 per piece


Q1. How many giveaways should I prepare for my kid’s party?

A1. It depends on the number of guests attending. A good rule of thumb is to prepare extra giveaways for unexpected guests.

Q2. Can I customize the giveaways with my party theme?

A2. Yes, you can. This will make your giveaways more personalized and memorable.

Q3. When should I order the giveaways?

A3. It’s recommended to order the giveaways at least two weeks before the party date to ensure their availability.

Q4. How much should I budget for giveaways?

A4. It depends on the number of guests and the type of giveaways you choose. Our guide provides you with budget-friendly options.

Q5. Can I make the giveaways myself?

A5. Yes, you can. DIY giveaways can be a fun and affordable option.

Q6. Where can I buy the giveaways in Manila?

A6. Manila has a wide variety of markets, such as Divisoria and Quiapo, where you can find affordable giveaways. You can also check out online stores for more options.

Q7. Can I get discounts for bulk orders?

A7. It depends on the supplier’s policy. It’s recommended to inquire about discounts for bulk orders to save money.


We hope our guide has provided you with insights and inspiration for kid party giveaway ideas in Manila. Remember that giveaways are a crucial element of your party and should be budget-friendly and aligned with your party theme. Our guide offers 15 unique and affordable options to choose from.

Don’t forget to prepare extra giveaways for unexpected guests, customize the giveaways with your party theme, and order them two weeks before the event. Manila has so much to offer when it comes to party planning, and we’re sure your kid’s party will be unforgettable with our guide’s help.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


Note that the prices listed in this article may vary depending on the supplier, location, and quantity ordered. It’s recommended to inquire about the prices before ordering the giveaways. All opinions and suggestions in this article are based on the author’s research and experience.