Giveaway Basket Ideas for Employees: Boosting Morale in the Workplace

Greetings to all employers and HR professionals! One of the most effective ways to boost morale in the workplace is through employee recognition and appreciation. One way to show appreciation to your hardworking employees is by giving them a giveaway basket that fits their likes and interests. In this article, we will provide you with unique and creative giveaway basket ideas that can put a smile on your employees’ faces.

The Importance of Employee Appreciation

According to a study conducted by Gallup, only one in three employees in the US feel engaged at work. Employee disengagement can lead to a lack of productivity and low morale in the workplace, which can ultimately affect the overall success of a company. One way to combat this is by creating a culture of appreciation and recognition, which can positively impact employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Furthermore, employee retention is crucial for a company’s growth and success. Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their employers are more likely to stay with the company and contribute to its growth, reducing the cost and effort of hiring and training new employees.

Giveaway Basket Ideas for Employees

Now, let’s get to the exciting part – the giveaway basket ideas! Whether you’re planning to give away a basket for a holiday or a special occasion, there are many creative ideas that you can choose from. Here are some of our top picks:

Theme Contents
Spa Basket Bathrobe, Slippers, Bath Bombs, Candle, Aromatherapy Oils, Face Masks, Lotion
Coffee Lover Basket Coffee Beans, Mug, French Press, Coffee Grinder, Biscuits, Syrup, Cocoa Powder
Bookworm Basket Book, Reading Light, Journal, Bookmark, Tea, Snacks, Socks
Healthy Snacks Basket Nuts, Granola Bars, Dried Fruits, Jerky, Seeds, Trail Mix, Tea
Techie Basket Wireless Earbuds, Charging Dock, Phone Stand, Multi-Tool Pen, Screen Cleaner, USB Hub, Keyboard Cover

Spa Basket

For those employees who appreciate some relaxation and self-care, a spa basket is an excellent option. This basket can be customized to fit their preferences, including their favorite scents, lotions, and skincare products. You can also include spa vouchers, which can be redeemed at their favorite local spa or massage center. This basket can also be gifted to employees who have been working tirelessly to meet deadlines or finish big projects.

Coffee Lover Basket

If your employees are coffee enthusiasts, this basket can be an excellent way to show your appreciation for their hard work. You can include various types of coffee beans, brewing equipment, and gourmet treats that can be enjoyed with coffee. This basket can also include a coffee shop gift card, which can be redeemed at their favorite coffee shop.

Bookworm Basket

A bookworm basket can be a thoughtful and personalized gift for employees who enjoy reading. You can include their favorite book or a new release, along with other reading materials such as journals, bookmarks, and reading lights. This basket can also be texturally customized according to their preferred genre, whether that be horror, romance, or comedy.

Healthy Snacks Basket

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy diet while staying productive. A healthy snacks basket can be an excellent gift for employees who are health-conscious, containing low-fat and high-fiber snacks that can keep them energized throughout the day. You can also include a water bottle or a reusable container as a practical addition to the basket.

Techie Basket

For those tech-savvy employees who love gadgets, a tech basket can be an excellent way to show your appreciation. You can include the latest tech gadgets such as wireless earbuds, charging docks, multi-tools, and screen cleaners. This basket can also include a gift card to a tech store, which can allow them to update their tech arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should I spend on a giveaway basket for employees?

The budget for a giveaway basket can vary depending on the size of your company and the occasion. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to spend within your means, but also, make sure that the gift is personalized and of value to the employee.

2. How do I choose the right theme for a giveaway basket?

You can choose the right theme for your giveaway basket based on the employees’ interests and preferences. Alternatively, you can survey the employees to gauge their preferences and create a theme that resonates with them.

3. Can I include company-branded items in the giveaway basket?

While it’s okay to include branded items in the giveaway basket, it’s essential to remember that the basket’s focus is to appreciate and recognize your employees. Therefore, the branded items should not overshadow the appreciation and recognition aspect.

4. How can I personalize the giveaway basket?

You can personalize the giveaway basket according to the employee’s likes and interests. You can also include a personalized note or card, which can include words of appreciation and recognition.

5. Can I give a giveaway basket to every employee?

It’s not mandatory to give a giveaway basket to every employee. However, you can consider doing this for special occasions such as company anniversaries or holidays.

6. Can I use these ideas for virtual giveaways?

Yes! These ideas can be adapted to virtual platforms by using online retailers or sending e-gift cards to the employees.

7. How often should I give away baskets to employees?

The frequency of giveaways can vary depending on the company’s budget and policies. However, it’s essential to remember that the giveaways should not only be during special occasions but also throughout the year to maintain employee engagement and morale.


Now that you have some unique and creative giveaway basket ideas, it’s time to show your appreciation to your employees. Remember, the giveaways should be personalized, valuable, and fit the employees’ likes and interests. By creating a culture of appreciation and recognition, you can boost employee morale and retain valuable employees for your company’s growth and success.

Thank you for reading and happy gifting!

Closing Disclaimer

The information provided in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended as professional advice. The reader should consult a professional before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.