15 Unique Education Conference Giveaway Ideas to Keep Attendees Engaged

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on education conference giveaway ideas! With the rise of virtual events, and the increasing number of conferences, it can be a challenge to keep attendees engaged and excited. However, with the right conference giveaways, you can make your event memorable and valuable for your attendees.

🎁 Why Giveaways Matter for Education Conferences? 🏫

A great giveaway can not only make attendees feel appreciated, but it can also help promote your conference on social media and increase brand awareness. Well-executed giveaways can go a long way in engaging attendees and increasing the overall success of your event.

In fact, according to a study done by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 71% of attendees remembered the company that gave them a promotional product, and 76% had a more favorable impression of the company after receiving a product.

Additionally, incorporating giveaways into your conference strategy can also help with audience retention, which is extremely valuable for education conferences as these events often involve large amounts of information and can sometimes last for several days.

💡 Here are 15 Unique Education Conference Giveaway Ideas: 💡

Giveaway Ideas Description
Branded Water Bottles Help attendees stay hydrated while promoting your brand.
Phone Chargers Keep attendees’ devices charged throughout the event.
Notebooks and Pens Provide attendees with tools for note-taking and organization.
Reusable Tote Bags Give attendees a way to carry conference materials and promote sustainability.
Custom USB Drives Offer a place for attendees to store conference materials and presentations.
Stress Balls or Fidget Spinners Provide a way for attendees to alleviate stress throughout the event.
Gift Cards Give attendees the opportunity to purchase items related to the conference or their personal interests.
Coffee Mugs Offer attendees a way to enjoy their morning coffee while promoting your brand.
Headphones Provide a way for attendees to listen to presentations or podcasts without disturbing others.
T-Shirts Give attendees something to remember the event by while promoting your brand.
PopSockets Offer a way for attendees to grip their phones and spread your brand’s message.
Portable Phone Chargers Keep attendees’ devices charged on-the-go, even when they’re not at the conference.
Gift Baskets Give attendees a luxurious surprise with a basket of high-end goodies.
Subscription Services Offer attendees free or discounted access to subscription services related to their interests or profession.
Gift Cards to Local Restaurants or Shops Provide attendees with recommendations for local businesses while giving them a chance to explore the area.

🤔 FAQs About Education Conference Giveaways 🤔

Q: How do I decide on the best giveaway for my conference?

A: Consider what your attendees would find useful, and also what aligns with the goals of your conference. Additionally, think about the budget you have set aside for giveaways.

Q: Should I brand my conference giveaways?

A: Yes! Branded giveaways can help promote your conference and keep your brand top of mind for attendees.

Q: How should I distribute my conference giveaways?

A: You can either distribute them at registration or leave them on the seats before the start of each session.

Q: Should I offer different giveaways to VIP attendees?

A: Yes, offering exclusive giveaways to VIP attendees can make them feel appreciated and valued.

Q: How many giveaways should I give per person?

A: It’s recommended to give one or two items per attendee to avoid overwhelming them with too many things to carry.

Q: Can giveaways be used as a networking tool?

A: Yes! Including your contact information on your giveaway can help attendees remember your brand and easily reach out to you in the future.

Q: Should I include my sponsors’ branding on my conference giveaways?

A: Yes, including sponsor branding can help them gain exposure and increase their ROI for the event.

Q: Should I consider eco-friendly giveaways?

A: Absolutely! Incorporating eco-friendly giveaways is not only good for the environment but can also appeal to attendees who prioritize sustainability.

Q: How far in advance should I order conference giveaways?

A: It’s recommended to order conference giveaways at least one month in advance to ensure that they arrive on time.

Q: Can I offer giveaways to my virtual attendees?

A: Yes, you can mail out giveaways to virtual attendees or offer digital items that they can download.

Q: Can giveaways be used to encourage post-conference engagement?

A: Yes! Including a call-to-action or QR code on your giveaway can encourage attendees to connect with you on social media or visit your website after the event.

Q: Should I announce the giveaways before or during the conference?

A: It’s recommended to announce giveaways before the conference to build excitement and anticipation among attendees.

Q: Can giveaways be used to promote causes or charities?

A: Absolutely! Offering to donate a portion of proceeds from a ticket sale or a percentage of sales from a product can help support causes or charities that align with your conference’s values.

Q: Can giveaways be used to promote my sponsors?

A: Yes, offering to include sponsor branding or products in the giveaway can help increase their exposure and ROI for the event.

🎉 Conclusion: Take Action Now! 🎉

We hope this article on education conference giveaway ideas has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your next event. Remember, giving away branded items is an effective marketing strategy that can help promote your conference, retain attendees, and increase engagement.

Don’t hesitate – start planning your conference giveaways today and make your event a memorable and valuable experience for all attendees!

❗Closing/Disclaimer ❗

The ideas and strategies mentioned in this article are based on research and expert opinions. However, the effectiveness of conference giveaways may vary depending on factors such as audience demographics and conference goals.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of conference giveaways and to strive to incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly options, such as reusable items or digital downloads.

Lastly, it’s recommended to ensure that conference giveaways comply with the regulations and policies of your organization and the venue of the event.