Revolutionize Your Giveaways: 15 Interesting Ideas to Try

Greetings, fellow marketers and business owners! Are you tired of run-of-the-mill giveaways that barely make a dent in your conversion rates? Fear not – we’ve got some exciting and unique ideas for you to try in your next campaign. In today’s oversaturated market, it’s all about standing out and catching the attention of your audience.

Why Giveaways Are Essential for Your Business

First and foremost, let’s talk about why giveaways are so crucial for your business. For starters, it’s an excellent way to increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. Giveaways also build trust and loyalty between your brand and customers, as they feel appreciated and valued when receiving something for free.

Furthermore, giveaways can drive traffic to your website or social media platforms, as well as boost engagement rates. It’s also an effective lead generation tool, as you can request their email address or other contact information in exchange for the freebie.

So, now that we have established why giveaways are important, let’s move on to the juicy part – the giveaway ideas themselves.

15 Interesting Giveaway Ideas to Try

Giveaway Idea Description Example of Brands Who Have Used This Idea
Trivia or Quiz Contest Challenge your audience’s knowledge on a specific topic related to your brand or industry. Spotify, National Geographic, Starbucks
Social Media Takeover Allow a lucky winner to take over your brand’s social media account for a day. Lego, NASA, Airbnb
Exclusive Experience Offer a unique experience related to your brand or industry, such as a behind-the-scenes tour or VIP access to an event. Disney, Universal Studios, Coca-Cola
Customized Swag Allow winners to create their own customized merchandise, such as personalized t-shirts or phone cases. Nike, Coca-Cola, Sephora
Collaboration with Influencers Partner with an influencer to offer a joint giveaway, where their followers and yours have the chance to win a prize. Adidas, Glossier, Samsung
Charity Donation Donate to a charity on behalf of the winner, or allow the winner to choose a charity of their choice to donate to. Ben & Jerry’s, TOMS, Warby Parker
24-Hour Flash Giveaway Offer a prize to the first person who completes a specific task within a 24-hour window. Amazon, Target, Uber Eats
Virtual Event Host a virtual event, such as a webinar or workshop, and offer free tickets or access to a lucky winner. Hootsuite, Hubspot, Canva
Photo or Video Contest Encourage your audience to share their own creative content related to your brand, and choose a winner based on the best submission. GoPro, Airbnb, Coca-Cola
Subscription Giveaway Offer a free subscription to a service or product for a specific period of time. Spotify, Netflix, Blue Apron
Trivia or Quiz Contest Challenge your audience’s knowledge on a specific topic related to your brand or industry. Spotify, National Geographic, Starbucks
Instant Win Game Offer a chance to win a prize instantly by playing a game related to your brand or products. McDonald’s, Monopoly, Coca-Cola
Mystery Prize Entice your audience with the allure of a mysterious, surprise prize. Apple, Glossier, Sephora
Gift Card Giveaway Everyone loves the chance to score some free money – offer a gift card to your store or restaurant as a prize. Amazon, Starbucks, Chipotle
Predict-the-Winner Contest Tie in with a major event, such as the Super Bowl or Oscars, and invite your audience to predict the winner for the chance to win a prize. Pepsi, ESPN, Chevrolet


1. How do I choose which giveaway idea to use?

It’s important to consider your target audience and your brand’s image and values when selecting a giveaway idea. Tailor your giveaway to what your audience would be excited about and what makes sense for your brand.

2. How long should my giveaway last?

The length of your giveaway depends on the type of prize and the complexity of the entry process. A social media contest can last a few days, while a larger prize or more involved entry process may require a few weeks.

3. Can I promote my giveaway through paid ads?

Absolutely – paid ads can reach a wider audience and increase the exposure of your giveaway. Make sure you are targeting the right people and using the appropriate channels.

4. How do I make sure my giveaway is legal?

Check the regulations and laws for giveaways in your state or country, and make sure you are following them. You may also want to consult with a lawyer or legal team for extra precaution.

5. How do I measure the success of my giveaway?

Track the number of entries, website or social media traffic, and sales during and after the giveaway. You can also gather feedback from the winners and participants to evaluate the overall impact.

6. Can I partner with other brands for a joint giveaway?

Absolutely – collaborating with another brand can expand your reach and attract a wider audience. Make sure the partnership makes sense for both brands and appeals to your target audience.

7. How often should I host a giveaway?

It’s important to strike a balance between offering enough giveaways to keep your audience engaged, but not so frequently that it loses its impact. Aim for quarterly or bi-annual giveaways.

8. How do I promote my giveaway?

Utilize your social media platforms, email marketing, and website to promote your giveaway. You can also collaborate with other influencers or brands to increase visibility.

9. How much should I spend on a prize?

The amount you spend on the prize should reflect the value of the prize and your budget. It’s important to strike a balance between offering an appealing prize and not overspending.

10. Can I offer multiple prizes?

Absolutely – offering multiple prizes can increase excitement and engagement. Make sure the prizes are relevant and valuable to your audience.

11. How do I prevent fraud or cheating in my giveaway?

Establish clear rules and guidelines for your giveaway, and monitor the entries and submissions closely. Use software or services that verify entries and ensure fairness.

12. How do I choose the winners?

Choose the winner based on clear and objective criteria, such as random selection, best submission, or trivia question answers. Be transparent about the winner selection process.

13. Do I need to disclose the value of the prize?

Absolutely – transparency is key in giveaways. Disclose the value of the prize and any other relevant information clearly in the rules and guidelines.


There you have it – 15 interesting and unique giveaway ideas that will surely help you stand out in your next marketing campaign. Remember to tailor your giveaway to your audience and brand, and track and evaluate the success of the giveaway after it ends. With the right giveaway idea, you can increase brand awareness, boost engagement, and establish trust and loyalty with your audience. So, why not give it a try?

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your next giveaway!

Closing Disclaimer

The article above is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal or professional advice. Please consult with a legal or professional expert before implementing any of the ideas mentioned in the article. Additionally, the author or publisher of this article is not responsible for any losses or damages that may result from the implementation of the ideas mentioned in the article. Use these ideas at your own risk.