Ideas for Orientation Day Giveaway: Making a Great First Impression

Welcome to the world of university orientation days! It’s that time of the year when new students arrive on campus, eager to start a new chapter in their lives. However, for many, it’s also a time of apprehension and uncertainty. With so many new faces, names, and information to remember, orientation day can be a bit overwhelming. But fear not! As a university, you have the power to ease your new students’ nerves and make them feel welcome with orientation day giveaways.

Why Giveaways Matter

Orientation day giveaways are more than just freebies. They are tangible reminders of a student’s first interactions with your university. The right giveaway can serve as a lasting connection between the student and your university. A well-chosen item can also help to promote your school and keep your brand top of mind.

Additionally, handing out branded giveaways can create a sense of community among your new students. They will feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, and that can make all the difference in establishing a positive orientation experience.

Top Orientation Day Giveaway Ideas

Choosing the right giveaway is crucial to making a great first impression. Here are some ideas that are sure to make your new students feel welcomed:

Item Description
Water bottles Hydration is key, and a branded water bottle is a practical and eco-friendly choice.
Tote bags Students always need something to carry their books, and a tote bag with your university’s logo can be a stylish and useful gift.
Pens and notepads A classic combo, these stationery items can come in handy for any student.
Phone accessories From pop sockets to phone wallets, these items are practical and show off your school’s logo every time they’re used.
Stress balls Starting university can be stressful, and a stress ball with your university logo can be a fun and unique gift.


What are orientation day giveaways?

Orientation day giveaways are free branded items given to new students on their first day of orientation.

Why are orientation day giveaways important?

Orientation day giveaways create a sense of community among new students and serve as a lasting reminder of the university’s brand.

What are some popular orientation day giveaways?

Some popular orientation day giveaways include water bottles, tote bags, pens, and stress balls.

What should I consider when choosing an orientation day giveaway?

When choosing an orientation day giveaway, consider the relevance, usefulness, and uniqueness of the item.

How many orientation day giveaways should I prepare?

Prepare enough orientation day giveaways for all the new students attending orientation.

How much should I budget for orientation day giveaways?

The budget for orientation day giveaways will depend on the number of new students attending and the cost of the chosen item.

When should I distribute orientation day giveaways?

Orientation day giveaways should be distributed at the start of orientation day, either during registration or the opening session.

What kind of branding should be included on orientation day giveaways?

Orientation day giveaways should include the university’s name, logo, and any relevant hashtags or social media handles.

How can I make my orientation day giveaway stand out?

To make your orientation day giveaway stand out, consider choosing a unique item or adding a personalized touch, like a student’s name or program of study.

What are some eco-friendly orientation day giveaway options?

Eco-friendly orientation day giveaway options include reusable water bottles, stainless steel straws, and tote bags made from sustainable materials.

How can I include orientation day giveaways in my welcome speeches?

Include orientation day giveaways in your welcome speeches by thanking sponsors and emphasizing the importance of community building for new students.

What impact can orientation day giveaways have on student retention?

Orientation day giveaways can have a positive impact on student retention by creating a sense of community and promoting school pride.

Can orientation day giveaways be used for alumni engagement?

Orientation day giveaways can be used for alumni engagement by creating a sense of nostalgia and encouraging donations or event attendance.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my orientation day giveaways?

To measure the effectiveness of orientation day giveaways, consider tracking social media mentions, surveying students, or monitoring engagement with sponsored events or programs.


Orientation day giveaways are an essential part of creating a positive first impression for new students. With the right item, you can promote community building, school pride, and establish a lasting connection with your new students. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-chosen giveaway!

We hope this guide has given you some ideas for your next orientation day. Remember to consider the relevance, usefulness, and uniqueness of your chosen item, and don’t forget to add a personalized touch. Good luck!


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