Amazing Giveaway Ideas for Weddings

Make Your Wedding Extra Special with These Unique Giveaway Ideas

It’s your big day, and you want to make it extra special for your guests. One way to do that is by giving them unique and memorable gifts to take home. Here are some of the best giveaway ideas for weddings that will leave a lasting impression on your guests:

Personalized Mini Champagne Bottles 🍾

Who doesn’t love champagne? Miniature champagne bottles are a great way to say thank you to your guests and give them something they can enjoy. Get creative with personalized labels that feature your wedding date and a special message. Your guests will love these cute and thoughtful favors.

Customized Succulents 🌵

Succulents are a popular choice for wedding giveaways because they’re easy to care for and can last for years. Adding a personal touch to these plants can make them even more special. Have customized planters made with your guests’ names or initials, or create a unique message to display on the pot.

Homemade Jam or Honey 🍯

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, consider making homemade jam or honey to give as wedding favors. Not only is it a thoughtful gift, but it’s also a great way to show off your culinary skills. Personalize the labels with your wedding date, and you’ll have a sweet treat that your guests will love.

Couples’ Evenings Out 🎟️

Give your guests a fun and memorable experience by treating them to a couples’ night out. Give away tickets to a local concert, comedy show, or sporting event. It’s a great way to give your guests something they can look forward to and enjoy together.

Customized Glassware 🍸

Pick a gift that will remind your guests of your special day every time they use it. Wedding-themed glassware with personalized engravings is a perfect choice. You can go for shot glasses, champagne flutes, or wine glasses with the couple’s initials or wedding date. And the best part? Your guests can use them for years to come.

Funny or Personalized Tote Bags 🛍️

Tote bags are always useful, and they can be even more special when customized with a funny or personal message. They’re cost-effective, easy to personalize, and practical. Plus, they will serve as a great reminder of your wedding day and the fun memories shared together.

Picture Frames 🖼️

Give your guests something to display their favorite memories from your wedding day. Picture frames are a classic and timeless gift that can be customized with your wedding date, couple’s name, and even a personalized message. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Charitable Donations 🎁

If you’re looking for a more meaningful and socially responsible giveaway idea, consider making a charitable donation on behalf of each guest. Pick a charity that’s important to you as a couple, and let your guests know that they’ve made a difference. It’s a gift that’s sure to leave a long-lasting impression.

Coffee Beans or Tea Leaves ☕

Are your guests coffee or tea drinkers? Give them a gift that they’ll get to enjoy every day. Personalized coffee beans or tea leaves with custom packaging will make perfect wedding favors. It will be a perfect start to the day, and they’ll think about your wedding every time they make a cup.

Customized Sweets 🍬

Guests with a sweet tooth will love customized candy or sweets. Get creative with colorful packaging and customization options featuring your wedding colors, initials, or a special message. It will be a perfect way to end the night.

Personalized Fans 🏖️

If you’re planning a summer wedding, personalized fans are a unique and practical favor that will keep your guests cool. You can customize them with your wedding date, couple’s name, or a special message. Your guests will appreciate the gesture, especially if your wedding is outdoors.

Miniature Planters 🌱

Another option for a plant lover is customized miniature planters. You can fill them with miniature plants or succulents for guests to take home. These miniature planters will be delightful in a small guest room or on the windowsill at home.

Customized Candles 🕯️

Personalized candles are a popular choice for wedding giveaways. You can customize them with your wedding date, couple’s name, and even your favorite scent. Your guests will be reminded of your special day every time they light the candle.

Customized Playing Cards 🎴

If your guests love playing cards, customized playing cards are a fun and unique giveaway idea. You can feature your wedding date, couple’s name, or even a special message. Your guests will have a great time playing cards and remembering your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions: Giveaway Ideas for Weddings

Question Answer
Q1. How much should I spend on wedding giveaways? The cost of wedding giveaways depends on your budget. Many people spend between $2 and $5 per guest, but the best thing is to choose a gift that’s both affordable and memorable.
Q2. Are DIY giveaways a good idea? DIY giveaways can be a great idea, especially if you have a tight budget. They’re also a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding favors. But, make sure you have enough time and resources to make them.
Q3. What are some popular wedding giveaway ideas? Some popular wedding giveaway ideas include customized glassware, personalized fans, picture frames, coffee beans, and tea leaves, among others.
Q4. Can I give away something that’s not wedding-related? Yes, you can. You can give away anything that you think your guests will appreciate, be it food, drinks, or something else.
Q5. How do I choose the perfect wedding giveaway? Consider your wedding theme, guest preferences, and your budget when choosing the perfect giveaway. Choose something that’s unique, memorable, and practical.
Q6. How do I personalize the wedding giveaways? You can personalize the wedding giveaways by adding your wedding date, couple’s initials, or a special message. Get creative with the packaging and colors to match your wedding theme.
Q7. When should I order my wedding giveaways? You should order your wedding giveaways at least two months before your wedding day to allow time for customization, delivery, and any necessary changes.
Q8. Can I have giveaways for the bridesmaids and groomsmen too? Yes, you can. Consider getting gifts that are unique to each person’s interests, like customized cufflinks or jewelry for the groomsmen, and customized tote bags or makeup kits for bridesmaids.
Q9. How do I distribute the wedding giveaways? You can distribute the wedding giveaways at the end of your reception or place them on the tables before the guests arrive. You can also have a special table where guests can pick up their gifts on their way out.
Q10. Should I give the same wedding giveaway to every guest? Yes, it’s best to give the same wedding giveaway to every guest to ensure that everyone feels equally appreciated.
Q11. Do I need to provide packaging for the wedding giveaways? Providing packaging is a great way to add a personal touch to the wedding giveaways. Consider using personalized tags, ribbons, or boxes to make them extra special.
Q12. Are edible wedding giveaways a good option? Yes, edible wedding giveaways are a great option, especially if they’re customized or unique. You can give away cookies, chocolates, or even mini-cakes.
Q13. Can I give away something eco-friendly for my wedding? Yes, you can. Eco-friendly wedding giveaways like reusable bags, seed paper, or succulents in biodegradable pots are an excellent way to reduce waste and leave a positive impact.


Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and you want it to be perfect. Adding unique and memorable giveaways is a great way to make your guests feel appreciated and keep them talking about your wedding for years to come. Remember to choose something that’s affordable, practical, and personalized. We hope these amazing giveaway ideas for weddings have inspired you to find the perfect gift for your guests.

As you plan your wedding, remember that the giveaways are just a small part of your big day. Don’t stress out too much about them. Focus on enjoying your special day with your loved ones.


Thank you for reading this article. Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Each wedding is unique, and you should choose the giveaways that work for you as a couple. Before making any decisions, consider your budget, guest preferences, and wedding theme.

Remember that giveaways are just a small part of your big day, and it’s essential to focus on enjoying your special day with your loved ones. Good luck with your wedding planning!