Giveaway Ideas for Hairstylists


As a hairstylist, you know the importance of retaining clients and gaining new ones. One way to do this is by offering giveaways that not only reward your existing clients but also attract new ones. However, coming up with giveaway ideas can be challenging. In this article, we’ll provide 15 giveaway ideas for hairstylists that will help you stand out from the competition and keep your clients coming back for more.

Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to talk about the benefits of offering giveaways. Giving away promotional items can help build brand awareness, create goodwill with clients, and encourage referrals. Plus, who doesn’t love free stuff?

But how do you decide what giveaways to offer? First, consider your audience. What do they want and need? Second, think about your budget. You don’t want to spend too much on giveaways and hurt your bottom line. Finally, make sure the giveaways align with your brand and values.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to the good stuff!

15 Giveaway Ideas for Hairstylists

Idea Description Cost
1 Gift cards Varies depending on amount
2 Free hair treatment with purchase Cost of product used
3 Discounted haircuts for first-time clients Varies depending on discount
4 Free blowout with haircut Cost of product used
5 Free hair consultation Time and expertise
6 Product bundle giveaway Cost of products
7 Free hair styling session with purchase Cost of product used
8 Instagram giveaway Cost of prize
9 Referral program Cost of giveaway for new client
10 Hair care kit giveaway Cost of products
11 Birthday discount Varies depending on discount
12 Free scalp massage with purchase Time and expertise
13 Weekly Instagram challenge Cost of prize
14 Product swap event Cost of refreshments
15 Hair accessory giveaway Cost of products

1) Gift Cards

Gift cards are an easy and effective way to offer a giveaway. Determine the amount of the gift card, and make sure it aligns with your services’ pricing.

2) Free Hair Treatment with Purchase

Encourage clients to try new hair treatments by offering a free one with their purchase of a service or product. This giveaway incentivizes them to try something new and helps you upsell your services and products.

3) Discounted Haircuts for First-Time Clients

Offering discounted haircuts for first-time clients is a great way to encourage new clients to try your services. They may even become regulars!

4) Free Blowout with Haircut

A free blowout with a haircut is an appealing giveaway that will make clients feel like they’re getting a little extra pampering.

5) Free Hair Consultation

Offering a free hair consultation is a smart way to build relationships with clients by giving them personalized advice on their hair needs. This giveaway is particularly useful for those who are hesitant about trying new hairstyles or products.

6) Product Bundle Giveaway

Giveaway a bundle of your favorite hair products for customers to try. Creating a bundle means that clients get to try multiple products at once, giving them a chance to discover new products they may love.

7) Free Hair Styling Session with Purchase

Offer a free hair styling session with a purchase of a service or product. This incentive gets clients excited to try new hairstyles and products while also increasing sales.


1. How do I decide which giveaway to offer?

Think about your audience’s needs, your budget, and how the giveaway aligns with your brand and values.

2. Should I offer seasonal giveaways?

Seasonal giveaways are great for promoting holiday-themed services and products.

3. Should I offer giveaways frequently?

It’s up to you! Consider offering giveaways on special occasions or for specific services or products.

4. How do I advertise my giveaways?

Promote your giveaways on social media, email campaigns, and by word of mouth.

5. Can I get creative with my giveaways?

Absolutely! Get creative with your giveaways to stand out from the competition.

6. How do giveaways benefit my business?

Giveaways help build brand awareness, create goodwill with clients, and encourage referrals.

7. Can I offer giveaways to new and existing clients?

Yes! Offering giveaways to both new and existing clients will keep them coming back for more.


By offering giveaways, you create a positive experience for your clients and build brand awareness. These 15 giveaway ideas for hairstylists are just a starting point. Get creative and think about what will appeal to your target audience. Remember to always align your giveaways with your brand and values, and track their effectiveness to make data-driven decisions moving forward.

Now that you have plenty of ideas, it’s time to take action and start planning your next giveaway!


Remember, giveaways are a great way to retain existing clients and attract new ones. However, they need to be thoughtfully planned and executed to be effective. Remember to stay within your budget, align with your brand, and track your success. Good luck!