Event Giveaway Ideas 2017: Making Your Next Event a Success! 🎉

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Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a charity fundraiser, or a birthday bash, giveaways can make all the difference and make your event unforgettable. In this guide, we will walk you through the most creative and effective giveaway ideas that will delight your attendees and boost your brand. So, let’s dive in and make your next event a roaring success! 🚀

Introduction: Why giveaways are a must-have for any event? 💡

Events are all about creating memorable experiences for your attendees, and giveaways are the perfect way to do just that! In addition, giveaways can help you achieve other important objectives, such as:

1. Building brand awareness

Giveaways provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and make a lasting impression on your audience. By offering branded items or experiences, you ensure that your event will stick in people’s minds long after it’s over.

2. Engaging attendees

Giveaways are also a fantastic way to involve your attendees and keep them engaged throughout the event. By offering prizes and incentives, you encourage people to interact with your brand, participate in activities, and stay until the very end.

3. Generating leads and sales

Last but not least, giveaways can help you capture valuable leads and boost your sales. By collecting contact information or offering exclusive discounts, you can turn your event attendees into loyal customers and grow your business.

Now that you understand the importance of giveaways for events, let’s explore some of the most popular and effective giveaway ideas for 2017.

Event Giveaway Ideas 2017: Let’s Get Creative! 🎨

1. Customized Swag Bags

Everybody loves a goodie bag, and with customized swag bags, you can make sure that your attendees walk away with a treasure trove of branded items that they will actually use. From t-shirts and hats to journals and water bottles, the possibilities are endless. The key is to choose items that are both practical and stylish, and that reflect your brand’s personality and values.

2. Social Media Contests

Social media contests are a fun and interactive way to engage your attendees and increase your online presence. You can ask your audience to share photos or videos of your event using a specific hashtag, or to tag your brand in their posts. The best entries can win prizes such as free tickets to your next event or exclusive merchandise. Don’t forget to promote your contest in advance and to provide clear instructions and rules.

3. Live Auctions

Live auctions are a great option for charity events or for companies that want to show their philanthropic side. You can offer unique experiences or items that people can bid on, such as a meet and greet with a celebrity, a trip to an exotic location, or a signed memorabilia. Live auctions create a sense of excitement and competition that can energize your audience and contribute to a good cause.

4. Photo Booths

Photo booths have become a staple of modern events, and for good reason. They provide a fun and easy way for people to take pictures with their friends and family, while also promoting your brand. You can customize your photo booth with your logo or a themed backdrop, and offer props or accessories that match your event’s theme. You can also use social media integrations to allow people to share their photos online and reach a wider audience.

5. Interactive Games

Interactive games are a fantastic way to engage your attendees and create a sense of friendly competition. You can set up game stations or booths that offer fun and challenging activities, such as trivia quizzes, spin-the-wheel, or target shooting. You can also offer prizes or leaderboards that keep people motivated and incentivized to win. Interactive games are particularly effective for corporate events or team-building activities.

6. Food and Drink Stations

Food and drink stations are a classic but still effective way to keep attendees satisfied and energized. You can set up snack bars, cocktail lounges, or candy buffets that offer a variety of treats and refreshments. You can also customize your food and drink stations to match your event’s theme or to showcase your brand’s products. Just make sure to provide enough options for different dietary needs and preferences.

7. VIP Experiences

VIP experiences are a great way to offer exclusive perks and rewards to your most loyal and valuable attendees. You can create VIP lounges, backstage passes, or meet-and-greet sessions that give people a behind-the-scenes look at your event. VIP experiences can also include special gifts or services, such as free massages, personalized consultations, or gift cards to your brand’s stores. VIP experiences show your appreciation for your most dedicated supporters and can help you build long-lasting relationships with them.

Table: Comparison of Different Event Giveaways Ideas 2017

Giveaway Idea Pros Cons Cost
Customized Swag Bags Great branding opportunity, practical items, can be reused May be expensive, requires customization and storage $$-$$$
Social Media Contests Engaging, viral potential, low cost May require technical support, may exclude people without social media accounts $-$$
Live Auctions Exciting, charitable, exclusive items or experiences May require experienced auctioneer, may exclude people without high budgets $$$-$$$$
Photo Booths Fun, customizable, shareable on social media May require technical support and space, may not be suitable for all events $-$$
Interactive Games Engaging, team-building, customizable May require staffing and equipment, may be distracting for some attendees $-$$$
Food and Drink Stations Satisfying, customizable, suitable for all events May require catering support and space, may exclude people with dietary restrictions $-$$$
VIP Experiences Exclusive, personalized, great for loyalty and retention May require additional planning and staffing, may exclude most attendees $$$-$$$$

FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered! 🔥

1. Are giveaways effective for any type of event?

Yes, giveaways can enhance the experience and achieve your objectives in any type of event, as long as they are targeted and relevant to your audience.

2. How can I choose the right giveaway for my event?

You should consider several factors, such as your brand’s personality and values, your audience’s preferences and demographics, and your event’s theme and objectives. Also, don’t forget to test and measure the effectiveness of your giveaways before and after the event.

3. What are some cost-effective giveaway ideas?

Social media contests, branded stickers or buttons, and personalized thank-you notes are some examples of low-cost giveaway ideas that can still make an impact.

4. How can I ensure that my giveaways reflect my brand’s message and tone?

You should choose items or experiences that align with your brand’s values, colors, and style, and that resonate with your audience’s interests and needs. Also, ensure that your giveaways are consistent with your overall event messaging and tone.

5. Is it better to offer many small prizes or one big prize?

It depends on your event’s objectives and audience. Offering many small prizes can generate more excitement and participation, while offering one big prize can create a sense of exclusivity and impact. You should also consider your budget and logistics when choosing the number and size of your prizes.

6. How can I measure the ROI of my giveaways?

You can use various metrics, such as social media engagement, lead generation, and sales conversions, to track the impact of your giveaways on your event and business goals. Make sure to set clear and specific goals before the event and to measure the outcomes afterwards.

7. Can I reuse my giveaways for future events?

Yes, if your giveaways are durable and timeless, you can reuse them for future events and save costs. However, if your giveaways are event-specific or time-sensitive, you should create new ones for each event.

8. How can I ensure that my giveaways are fair and objective?

You should establish clear rules and criteria for your giveaways, such as the timeline, the eligibility, and the selection process. Also, ensure that the winners are chosen randomly or based on merit, and that they receive their prizes promptly and correctly.

9. What are some common mistakes to avoid when offering giveaways?

Some common mistakes include offering irrelevant or low-quality items, failing to announce or promote your giveaways in advance or during the event, and not following up with the winners or the attendees afterwards.

10. How can I customize my giveaways to match my event’s theme?

You can use various design and branding techniques, such as color schemes, fonts, logos, and graphics, to match your giveaways with your event’s theme. Also, consider the overall mood and ambiance of your event and choose giveaways that complement them.

11. Can I offer non-tangible giveaways, such as experiences or services?

Yes, experiences or services can be a valuable and memorable giveaway option, as long as they align with your audience’s interests and needs. Examples include free consultations, personalized tours, or access to exclusive events.

12. How can I make my giveaways eco-friendly and sustainable?

You can choose eco-friendly and sustainable materials for your giveaways, such as recycled paper, organic cotton, or biodegradable plastics. Also, consider minimizing your packaging waste and promoting recycling or composting at your event.

13. How can I make my giveaways stand out from my competitors’?

You can differentiate your giveaways by offering unique or personalized items or experiences, by creating a distinctive brand identity or messaging, and by promoting your giveaways in creative and engaging ways. Also, monitor your competitors’ giveaways and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Conclusion: Make Your Next Event Unforgettable with the Perfect Giveaway! 🎉

Giveaways are a simple but powerful way to create amazing experiences and achieve your event goals. By choosing the right giveaway idea, customizing it to match your brand and audience, and measuring its impact, you can enhance your attendees’ satisfaction and loyalty, grow your business, and make your event unforgettable.

So, whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large conference, don’t forget to add a touch of excitement and generosity with the perfect giveaway!

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