Event Giveaway Ideas 2016: Creative and Memorable Swag to Delight Your Attendees


Welcome to our guide on the best event giveaway ideas for 2016. Whether you’re planning a trade show, corporate conference or charity event, we know that a great giveaway can make all the difference when it comes to making sure attendees remember your brand. In this article, you’ll discover innovative, fun and practical ideas to get the most out of your event swag. Keep reading to learn how to create a memorable and effective giveaway strategy for your next event.

Who is this Guide For?

This guide is designed for anyone who is planning or attending an event in 2016, and wants to make sure they stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re an event planner, marketer, or just a brand enthusiast, we’ll show you ways to create giveaways that make an impact.

What You’ll Learn

In this article, we’ll cover:

Topic Description
What makes an effective giveaway Learn the key elements of a successful event giveaway
Trends in event giveaways Discover the latest swag trends that will make your brand stand out
Practical giveaway ideas Get ideas for giveaways that attendees will actually use and appreciate
Fun and quirky giveaway ideas Learn how to create unique and memorable giveaways that will generate buzz about your brand
How to choose the right giveaways for your event Find out how to select the perfect swag for your target audience and event type
How to brand your giveaways Get tips on how to incorporate your branding into your giveaways for maximum impact
How to distribute your giveaways Learn the best practices for distributing your giveaways to maximize their effectiveness

Why Giveaways Matter

Event giveaways are more than just a token of appreciation for attendees. They provide a tangible way for people to remember your brand long after the event ends. According to a study by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 79% of people who receive a promotional product are likely to research the brand, and 83% are more likely to do business with the brand in the future. That’s why it’s important to make sure your giveaways are not only memorable but also representative of your brand’s values and messaging.

What Makes an Effective Giveaway?

An effective event giveaway should:

  • Be memorable
  • Have a practical use
  • Be unique
  • Reinforce your brand’s message
  • Be cost-effective

The goal is to create a giveaway that attendees will use long after the event, and that will keep your brand top-of-mind.

Trends in Event Giveaways

As with all aspects of event planning, the world of event giveaways is constantly changing. Here are some of the latest trends to keep in mind:

  • Tech-related items like phone chargers, USB sticks and Bluetooth speakers
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable items like reusable water bottles and bags
  • Personalized giveaways like custom-engraved or printed items
  • Food and drink-related items like gourmet popcorn and coffee mugs
  • Experience-based giveaways like VIP access to events or classes

These trends reflect the growing demand for practical, personalized and experiential giveaways that represent a brand’s values and messaging.

Practical Giveaway Ideas

If you’re looking for practical giveaway ideas that attendees will use and appreciate, consider these options:

  • Phone chargers and power banks
  • Reusable water bottles and coffee cups
  • Tote bags and backpacks
  • Notebooks and pens
  • T-shirts and hats

These items are not only practical but also provide a canvas for branding and messaging.

Fun and Quirky Giveaway Ideas

If you want to create a buzz around your brand, consider these fun and quirky ideas for event giveaways:

  • Custom sunglasses or hats
  • Fidget spinners or stress balls
  • Balloons or kazoos
  • Retro candy or snacks
  • Temporary tattoos or custom stickers

These items are sure to stand out and create a memorable impression.

How to Choose the Right Giveaways for Your Event

When selecting event swag, it’s important to keep in mind your target audience and event type. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Age range and gender of attendees
  • Event location and duration
  • Industry and interests of attendees
  • Your brand’s message and values
  • Your budget and ROI goals

By being intentional about your giveaway selection, you can maximize the impact and ROI of your swag.

How to Brand Your Giveaways

One of the key benefits of event swag is the ability to get your branding in front of people. Here are some tips for incorporating branding into your giveaways:

  • Incorporate your logo or tagline
  • Select colors that match your brand’s palette
  • Use high-quality printing or engraving
  • Include your website or social media handles
  • Create a cohesive look with all of your event materials

By keeping your brand top-of-mind, you can create a lasting impression with attendees.

How to Distribute Your Giveaways

The way you distribute your event swag can make a big difference in its impact. Here are some best practices for giveaway distribution:

  • Offer the swag as attendees enter the event or at registration
  • Have a designated swag area or booth
  • Include a note or card with the giveaway that explains its benefits
  • Use giveaways as prizes for contests or games
  • Offer giveaways as a thank you for completing surveys or providing feedback

By being intentional about how and when you distribute your swag, you can ensure that attendees appreciate and make use of it.


What is the best giveaway for a trade show?

The best trade show giveaways are practical and portable, such as phone chargers, tote bags, or USB sticks. These items are easy to carry around the show and attendees are likely to use them even after the event has ended.

How can I personalize my event swag?

You can personalize your event swag by adding attendees’ names, company logos, or custom messaging. Consider items like engraved pens, tote bags with custom prints or embroidered hats to add a personal touch to your giveaways.

What is the ROI of event giveaways?

The ROI of event giveaways can vary depending on the item’s cost and the impact it has on attendees. However, according to the PPAI, promotional products have a higher ROI than other forms of advertising, such as TV, radio, and print ads.

How can I stay on-trend with my event giveaways?

To stay on-trend with your event giveaways, research current and upcoming trends in your industry, or work with a promotional products company that specializes in creating unique and innovative swag.

What is eco-friendly event swag?

Eco-friendly event swag is any item that is made from sustainable materials or can be reused, such as reusable water bottles, tote bags made from recycled materials, or bamboo pens.

What is the best way to distribute event swag?

The best way to distribute event swag is to offer it as attendees enter the event or at registration. You can also have a designated swag area or booth where attendees can pick up their giveaways. Additionally, you can use giveaways as prizes for contests or games.

How can I make sure my event swag is memorable?

To make your event swag memorable, make sure it’s practical, unique, and representative of your brand’s values and messaging. Offer giveaways that attendees will use long after the event, and consider items that stand out and create a buzz.

What should I consider when selecting event swag?

When selecting event swag, consider your target audience and event type, as well as your brand’s message and values. Select items that are practical and useful, and ensure they represent your brand in a positive way.

Should I include a call-to-action on my event swag?

Including a call-to-action on your event swag can be a great way to encourage attendees to engage with your brand after the event. Consider adding your website or social media handles to your swag, or including a special offer or discount code.

How can I choose event swag that fits my budget?

To choose event swag that fits your budget, consider the per-unit cost of the item, as well as the number of attendees you plan to give the swag to. Additionally, consider the ROI of each item and prioritize those with the highest potential impact.

What is the most important factor in selecting event swag?

The most important factor in selecting event swag is ensuring that it accurately represents your brand’s values and messaging. Swag should be practical, unique, and memorable, and should be chosen with your target audience and event type in mind.

What is the difference between a giveaway and a gift?

The main difference between a giveaway and a gift is the intention behind the item. Giveaways are typically used to promote a brand or message and are given away to a large number of people. Gifts are typically given as a thank you or appreciation for a specific individual.

What should I consider when selecting the colors of my event swag?

When selecting the colors of your event swag, consider your brand’s palette and ensure that the item matches your brand’s messaging and values. Additionally, consider the event’s color scheme and choose colors that complement the overall aesthetic.

How can I make sure my event swag is sustainable?

To make sure your event swag is sustainable, select items made from recycled materials or that can be reused. Avoid items that are disposable or likely to end up in a landfill.

What kind of messaging should I include on my event swag?

The messaging you include on your event swag should be representative of your brand’s values and messaging. Consider including your tagline, logo, or website, as well as any promotional messaging or special offers.


We hope this guide has given you the inspiration and information you need to create effective, memorable and on-brand event giveaways in 2016. Remember to keep in mind your target audience, event type and brand messaging when selecting swag, and ensure that each item has a practical use and reinforces your message. By following these tips and tricks, you can create giveaways that attendees will love and that will keep your brand top-of-mind long after the event ends.

Thank you for reading, and happy swag planning!


This guide contains information and opinions that are intended to assist the reader in making informed decisions. However, the information contained herein is not intended as legal, financial or professional advice, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The reader is solely responsible for their own actions and decisions, and should always consult with a qualified professional before making any changes to their business practices or operations.