Cheap Baby Shower Giveaway Ideas


Welcome to our guide on cheap baby shower giveaway ideas. Baby showers are exciting moments for everyone involved, including the guests. One of the most significant parts of the event is the giveaway. Although the guest’s presence is the most important thing, a small token of appreciation in the form of a giveaway can make the occasion more memorable for everyone. However, with budget constraints and other factors, it can be challenging to create the perfect and affordable giveaway. In this guide, we provide you with a comprehensive list of cheap baby shower giveaway ideas that are unique and easy to make. Let’s dive in!

Why are Baby Shower Giveaways Important?

The tradition of giving out baby shower giveaways has been around for years. But why is it so important? Baby shower giveaways are a way of saying thank you to your guests for gracing your event with their presence. It is also a way of showing your appreciation for the support and love they have shown to you and your baby. The giveaway serves as a reminder of the special day, and it is a sentimental keepsake for the guests to treasure. However, as much as it is essential to give out a giveaway, a tight budget can make it difficult to create the perfect gift. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of cheap baby shower giveaway ideas for you.

What are the Benefits of Cheap Baby Shower Giveaways?

One of the benefits of cheap baby shower giveaways is that it enables you to save money. With the high cost of living today, it makes sense to cut costs where you can. Another benefit is that it allows you to create unique and personalized gifts for your guests without breaking the bank. Cheap baby shower giveaways are also ideal for those who are environmentally conscious. You can get creative and use eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paper, to create your giveaways.

What to Consider When Choosing Baby Shower Giveaways?

When choosing baby shower giveaways, there are a few factors to consider, including budget, theme, and the number of guests. The budget is the most crucial factor as it will dictate how much you can spend on each giveaway. The theme of the baby shower should also influence your choice of giveaway. For example, if the baby shower has a safari theme, then you could consider giving out animal-shaped cookies as your giveaway. Lastly, consider the number of guests who will be attending. You don’t want to run out of giveaways or have too many leftover gifts.

How to Make Your Baby Shower Giveaways Stand Out?

One way to make your baby shower giveaways stand out is by personalizing them. You can add the guest’s name or initials to the gift. Another way to make it unique is by adding a personal touch, such as a handwritten note or a picture of the mom-to-be. You can also get creative with your packaging by using colorful or themed wrapping paper.

How to Create Cheap Baby Shower Giveaways?

Creating cheap baby shower giveaways is easier than you might think. With some creativity and simple materials such as paper, ribbons, and glue, you can create unique and affordable gifts. In this guide, we’ll provide you with 15 cheap baby shower giveaway ideas that you can make at home.

What Materials Do You Need to Create Cheap Baby Shower Giveaways?

The materials needed to create cheap baby shower giveaways depend on the specific gift you want to make. However, some of the basic materials include paper, scissors, ribbons, glue, markers, and small boxes or bags for packaging. You can get these materials at your local craft store or order them online.

Cheap Baby Shower Giveaway Ideas

Gift Idea Cost Description
Baby Onesie Cupcake $3 per cupcake A cute and adorable gift made from a rolled-up onesie decorated with ribbon and placed in a cupcake liner.
Homemade Soap $2 per soap bar A fragrant and natural soap bar made from essential oils and decorated with cute labels.
Baby Sock Bouquet $5 per bouquet A bouquet made from baby socks rolled up and tied together to look like flowers.
DIY Baby Blocks $3 per block Wooden block toys painted with bright colors and decorated with letters, numbers, and cute baby designs.
Baby Bottle Favors $2 per bottle A plastic baby bottle filled with candy or nuts and decorated with ribbons or labels.
Candle Votives $2 per candle Mini candles in cute votive holders decorated with ribbon or tags.
Baby Wipes $1 per pack A pack of baby wipes with a cute label or tag.
Baby Rattle Made From Candy $2 per rattle A baby rattle made from plastic baby bottles filled with candy and decorated with ribbon.
Baby Themed Tic Tac Toe $3 per game A cute baby-themed tic tac toe game created from felt and felt markers.
Baby Shower Bath Bombs $3 per bomb A fragrant and luxurious bath bomb made from essential oils and wrapped in cute packaging.
Baby Shower Cookies $2 per cookie Cute and delicious cookies decorated with icing and shaped like baby items such as rattles, bottles, or pacifiers.
Baby Shower Jelly Beans $1 per bag A small bag of jelly beans with a cute label or tag.
Baby Shower Mints $1 per mint pack A pack of mints with a cute label or tag.
Baby Shower Popcorn $2 per bag A small bag of popcorn with a cute label or tag.
Baby Shower Tea Bags $2 per tea bag A bag of tea bags with a cute label or tag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many giveaways do I need to prepare for a baby shower?

The number of giveaways you need to prepare depends on the number of guests invited. Ensure that you have enough giveaways for every guest, plus a few extras, just in case.

2. How much should I budget for giveaways?

The amount you budget for giveaways will depend on your budget for the overall baby shower. You can set a budget of $1 to $5 per giveaway.

3. Can I personalize the giveaways?

Yes, personalizing the giveaways will make them more unique and memorable. You can add the guest’s name or initials to the gift or add a personal note.

4. Should I wrap the giveaways?

Yes, wrapping the giveaways adds a touch of elegance and makes them look more appealing. You can use colorful or themed wrapping paper or bags.

5. Can I create giveaways that match the baby shower theme?

Yes, creating giveaways that match the baby shower theme adds a touch of personality and makes the gifts more attractive.

6. What are some eco-friendly materials I can use to create giveaways?

You can use recycled paper, cardboard, or fabric to create your giveaways. Natural materials such as wood and organic cotton are also eco-friendly.

7. Can I create giveaways that are gender-specific?

Yes, you can create giveaways that are gender-specific. For example, if the baby is a boy, you can make blue-themed giveaways such as blue socks, blue candy, or blue candles.

8. Can I create giveaways that are age-specific?

Yes, you can. If the mom-to-be is expecting a newborn baby, you can create giveaways that are suitable for newborns, such as baby onesies or baby socks. If the baby is older, you can create giveaways that are more age-appropriate.

9. Can I create giveaways that are food-related?

Yes, you can. Examples of food-related giveaways include cookies, popcorn, or candy.

10. Can I create giveaways that are non-food-related?

Yes, you can. Non-food-related giveaways include soap bars, tea bags, or bath bombs.

11. Can I create giveaways that are reusable?

Yes, you can. Reusable giveaways include tote bags, water bottles, or coffee mugs.

12. Can I create giveaways that are DIY?

Yes, DIY giveaways are fun and affordable. Examples of DIY gifts include baby blocks, felt tic tac toe, or homemade soap.

13. Can I create giveaways that are educational?

Yes, you can. Educational giveaways include books, flashcards, or puzzles that promote early learning and development.


Creating cheap baby shower giveaways can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. With our guide, you now have a comprehensive list of unique and affordable gifts that you can create at home. When creating your giveaways, consider factors such as your budget, the theme, and the number of guests. Personalize your gifts, wrap them beautifully, and make them stand out. Your guests will appreciate the thought and effort you put into creating these gifts, and they will treasure them for years to come. Happy crafting!

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