Bridal Fair Giveaway Ideas for Your Wedding

Welcome, brides-to-be and wedding enthusiasts! If you’re planning your big day, attending a bridal fair can be a great way to gather inspiration and connect with wedding vendors. And what better way to make the most out of your bridal fair visit than by participating in giveaways! We’ve compiled a list of creative and unique bridal fair giveaway ideas to help make your wedding planning journey even more exciting. Let’s dive in!

Why Participate in Bridal Fair Giveaways?

Attending a bridal fair can be overwhelming, but participating in giveaways can be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only can you win great prizes, but you also have the chance to interact with vendors and learn more about their products and services. Giveaways also give vendors the opportunity to showcase their offerings, and it’s a great way for them to get your contact information for future follow-up.

What Should I Look for in Bridal Fair Giveaways?

When considering which giveaways to enter, think about what would offer the most value to you and your wedding planning journey. Look for prizes that align with your wedding style, theme, and overall vision. Also, consider the quality and reputation of the vendor offering the prize, as this can speak to the value of what you’re entering to win.

15 Bridal Fair Giveaway Ideas to Elevate Your Wedding Planning Experience

Now, let’s dive into some creative and unique bridal fair giveaway ideas that will leave you feeling excited about your wedding planning journey.

1. Bridal Gown Giveaway

One of the most coveted prizes at bridal fairs is a free wedding gown. Look for vendors that offer this giveaway, and you could potentially save thousands of dollars on your wedding dress.

2. Wedding Photography Package Giveaway

Capturing your wedding day memories through photography is essential. A photography package giveaway can save you money and allow you to work with a reputable photographer.

3. Wedding Planning Consultation Giveaway

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but a wedding planning consultation giveaway can provide you with expert advice and guidance on your wedding vision, budget, and timeline.

4. Venue Rental Giveaway

The venue is one of the most significant expenses in a wedding budget. Winning a venue rental giveaway could mean having the wedding of your dreams at a location you otherwise may not have been able to afford.

5. Catering Package Giveaway

Feeding your guests can be a considerable expense, but winning a catering package giveaway could take the pressure off your budget and provide you with delicious cuisine for your special day.

6. Wedding Cake Giveaway

A beautiful and delicious cake is a highlight of any wedding reception. Winning a wedding cake giveaway can take the expense of this item off your budget and allow you to work with a reputable baker.

7. Decorative Item Giveaway

Whether it’s a floral centerpiece, wedding signage, or other decorative items, winning a giveaway for these elements can help elevate the overall look and feel of your wedding.

8. Bridal Beauty Package Giveaway

Looking and feeling your best for your big day is essential. A bridal beauty package giveaway can provide you with hair and makeup services, as well as other pampering experiences, leading up to your wedding.

9. Bridal Accessories Giveaway

From jewelry to shoes to veils, bridal accessories can add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day look. A giveaway for these items can save you money and also allow you to work with a trusted vendor.

10. Honeymoon Package Giveaway

After the wedding is over, it’s time to relax and enjoy your honeymoon. Winning a honeymoon package giveaway can provide you with an unforgettable trip and save you money in the process.

11. Wedding Favors Giveaway

Thanking your guests for attending your wedding with wedding favors can be a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. Winning a wedding favors giveaway can provide you with unique and personalized favors for your guests.

12. Bridal Party Gifts Giveaway

Your bridal party plays an essential role in your wedding, and it’s essential to show them your appreciation. Winning a bridal party gifts giveaway can provide you with meaningful and thoughtful gifts for your bridal party.

13. Wedding Stationery Giveaway

From save-the-dates to invitations to thank you cards, wedding stationery can be a considerable expense. Winning a wedding stationery giveaway can provide you with high-quality and beautiful stationery items.

14. Wedding Transportation Giveaway

Getting to and from your wedding venue can be a logistical challenge. Winning a wedding transportation giveaway can provide you with transportation options that fit your wedding style and budget.

15. Cash Prize Giveaway

If you’re looking for flexibility in your wedding budget, winning a cash prize giveaway can provide you with the freedom to allocate funds as you see fit.

FAQs About Bridal Fair Giveaways

1. How do I find bridal fair giveaways?

You can find bridal fair giveaways by researching vendors that will be exhibiting at the fair beforehand. Many vendors will advertise their giveaways in advance, allowing you to plan which booths to visit.

2. Do I need to purchase anything to enter bridal fair giveaways?

Most bridal fair giveaways are free to enter, but it’s essential to check the rules and regulations of each giveaway to ensure you meet any requirements.

3. How many bridal fair giveaways can I enter?

You can enter as many bridal fair giveaways as you’d like, but be sure to prioritize which prizes are most valuable to you and align with your wedding vision.

4. When will winners of bridal fair giveaways be announced?

Giveaway rules and regulations will typically outline when winners will be announced. If you’re unsure, be sure to ask the vendor for details.

5. Can I negotiate a prize with a vendor?

It’s always worth trying to negotiate with a vendor if you have specific needs or requests, but be respectful and courteous in your approach.

6. Are bridal fair giveaways worth entering?

Absolutely! Bridal fair giveaways can provide you with significant savings and allow you to work with reputable vendors who align with your wedding vision.

7. What happens if I win multiple bridal fair giveaways?

Congratulations! If you win multiple giveaways, be sure to read the rules and regulations of each giveaway to ensure there are no conflicts or restrictions.


Attending bridal fairs and participating in giveaways can be a fun and rewarding experience for brides-to-be and wedding enthusiasts. With so many creative and unique bridal fair giveaway ideas to choose from, you can elevate your wedding planning journey and potentially save money in the process. Be sure to prioritize which prizes align with your wedding vision, and don’t be afraid to enter multiple giveaways. Congratulations and happy wedding planning!


Thank you for reading our article on bridal fair giveaway ideas. We hope this has provided you with helpful information and inspiration for your wedding planning journey. Please note that the information provided in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Always conduct your research and consult with professionals before making any significant decisions regarding your wedding planning or budget.

Prize Vendor Value
Bridal Gown David’s Bridal $2,000
Wedding Photography Package Jennifer Aniston Photography $3,500
Wedding Planning Consultation Wedding Planning Pros $1,000
Venue Rental The Park at River Walk $5,000
Catering Package Events by Joanne $4,000
Wedding Cake Buttercream Bakery $500
Decorative Items Bloom Event Co. $1,200
Bridal Beauty Package Sarah’s Salon & Spa $750
Bridal Accessories Crystal’s Jewelry $300
Honeymoon Package Delta Vacations $5,000
Wedding Favors Adina’s Favors $400
Bridal Party Gifts The Wedding Shop $500
Wedding Stationery Paper & Lace Co. $1,000
Wedding Transportation Classic Cars of Dallas $800
Cash Prize WeddingWire $2,500