Baby Christening Giveaway Ideas: 30 Creative and Unique Options

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When it comes to celebrating baby’s christening day, a thoughtful and special giveaway or favor is a must-have. It shows appreciation to your guests for joining in on this milestone occasion and serves as a lasting reminder of the event. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one. Don’t worry! We’ve got 30 creative and unique ideas for you to consider. Let’s get started!

🍭 Sweet Treats and Delights 🍭

1. Customized candy bars: personalized with the baby’s name, date of christening, and an adorable photo of the little one.

2. Cookie jars: fill a jar with homemade or store-bought cookies, add a decorative label, and voila!

3. Mini cupcakes: guests will love these small sweet treats, decorated with the baby’s initials or christening date.

4. Gourmet popcorn bags: add a fun and unique touch with flavors like chocolate drizzle, salted caramel, or even bacon cheddar.

5. Honey jars: a sweet and practical giveaway that symbolizes the baby’s name, which may mean “honey” in some cultures.

6. Personalized tea bags: a warm and cozy gift that guests can enjoy at home.

7. Miniature wine bottles: for adult guests, these mini bottles can be customized with a personalized label and make for a sophisticated treat.

🍪 Want more ideas for sweet treats and delights? 🍿 Check out our table below:

Macarons A fancy and elegant option that can be customized with the baby’s colors or initials.
Cake pops These bite-sized desserts are perfect for a sweet and fun giveaway.
Mini pies A unique and rustic option that can be filled with seasonal fruit or chocolate.
Donut favors Who doesn’t love a delicious donut? Customize with fun toppings and flavors.
Hot cocoa mix A cozy and warm giveaway that can be customized with the baby’s name or christening date.
S’mores kits A fun and unique giveaway that guests can enjoy making at home.
Popcorn tins A classic and practical option that can be customized with different flavors or designs.

🌿 Nature-Inspired Favors 🌿

8. Flower seed packets: encourage guests to plant and grow a beautiful flower in honor of the baby’s christening.

9. Mini herb gardens: give guests a small pot of fresh herbs like mint, basil, or rosemary, with a cute label.

10. Succulent favors: a trendy and low-maintenance option that can be customized with different pots and arrangements.

11. Birdseed favors: a unique and eco-friendly giveaway that guests can use to feed the birds in their backyard.

12. Plantable bookmarks: a thoughtful and useful giveaway that guests can plant and grow into a beautiful plant.

13. Homemade candles: create your own candles with natural scents and colors, and add a custom label.

14. Flower crowns: a fun and whimsical giveaway, especially for baby girls.

🌱 Want more ideas for nature-inspired favors? 🌷 Check out our table below:

Bird nest ornaments A cute and unique giveaway that symbolizes new beginnings and growth.
Bamboo coasters A sustainable and practical option that guests can use every day.
Mini terrariums A trendy and nature-inspired giveaway that can be customized with different plants and decorations.
Herbal tea bags A relaxing and refreshing gift that can be customized with different tea flavors and labels.
Scented sachets A sweet and practical giveaway with different scents like lavender, vanilla, or rose.
Fruit baskets A healthy and colorful option that can be arranged with different fruits and presented in a cute basket.
Seed bomb favors A unique and eco-friendly giveaway that guests can throw and plant anywhere.

🧸 Cute and Personalized Keepsakes 🧸

15. Customized keychains: design a special keychain with the baby’s name, date of christening, or a cute symbol like a teddy bear or angel.

16. Photo magnets: guests can use these magnets to hang photos of the baby or the christening ceremony on their fridge.

17. Personalized bookmarks: a practical and thoughtful gift, especially for bookworm guests.

18. Monogrammed handkerchiefs: a classic and elegant gift that guests can keep and use for years to come.

19. Baby-themed picture frames: display a memorable photo from the christening day in a cute and customized frame.

20. Customized phone cases: design a phone case with the baby’s photo, name, or christening date.

21. Personalized mugs: guests can enjoy their morning coffee or tea with a cute and customized mug.

🎁 Want more ideas for cute and personalized keepsakes? 🎁 Check out our table below:

Engraved bracelets A special and personalized gift that guests can keep and wear as a reminder of the event.
Baby blankets A cozy and practical gift that can be customized with the baby’s name or initials.
Embroidered towels A classic and useful gift that can be customized with the baby’s name or a cute symbol.
Baby milestone cards A fun and creative giveaway that helps parents document and remember their baby’s milestones.
Customized coasters A practical and fun giveaway that guests can use every day with their drinks.
Baby name picture frame A cute and personalized gift that showcases the meaning and origin of the baby’s name.
Mini piggy banks A fun and practical giveaway that encourages guests to save money for the little one’s future.

🤔 Still Have Questions? Check out Our FAQs! 🤔

1. What is the average budget for baby christening giveaways?

It depends on the number of guests, the type of giveaway, and the overall budget for the christening event. On average, you can expect to spend $2-$5 per guest.

2. When should I order or prepare the giveaways?

It’s best to order or prepare the giveaways at least two weeks before the christening day to ensure enough time for customization and delivery.

3. Should I choose a giveaway based on the baby’s gender?

It’s up to you! Some parents prefer to choose giveaways that are gender-specific, while others opt for more neutral options that can be enjoyed by all guests.

4. Is it necessary to have a giveaway for every guest?

No, it’s not necessary. You can choose to have a giveaway for every family or couple, or offer one giveaway per table.

5. How can I personalize the giveaways?

You can personalize the giveaways with the baby’s name, initials, christening date, or even a photo of the baby. You can also choose colors and designs that match the theme of the christening event.

6. Can I DIY the giveaways?

Yes, you can! DIYing the giveaways can be a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to the event. Just make sure to give yourself enough time to prepare and customize each giveaway.

7. How can I make sure the giveaways are eco-friendly?

You can choose giveaways that are made from natural, recycled, or biodegradable materials. You can also avoid plastic packaging or opt for reusable containers.

8. Can I offer different giveaways for adults and children?

Yes, you can! You can offer more sophisticated options for adult guests, such as mini wine bottles, scented candles, or customized keychains. For children, you can offer fun and playful options, such as mini toys, stickers, or coloring books.

9. Should I match the giveaways with the christening theme?

It’s not necessary, but it can add a nice touch to the overall theme and decor of the event. You can choose to match the giveaways with the colors, symbols, or motifs of the christening theme.

10. Can I order the giveaways online?

Yes, you can! There are many online stores and marketplaces that offer customized or personalized giveaways for baby christenings. Just make sure to order from a reputable and reliable source.

11. Can I offer DIY kits as giveaways?

Yes, you can! DIY kits can be a fun and interactive way to engage guests and allow them to customize their own giveaways. You can offer kits for making mini flower bouquets, herb gardens, or even soap bars!

12. How can I present the giveaways?

You can present the giveaways in different ways, such as in small jars, bags, or boxes. You can also add a personalized label or tag to each giveaway to make it more special.

13. Should I include a thank-you note with the giveaways?

Yes, it’s always a nice touch to include a thank-you note or card with the giveaways, expressing your gratitude for attending the christening event and joining in on the celebration.

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