What developers think about piracy on Cydia!

Hello everyone,


I created this website to prevent piracy and to allow people to win free licenses of paid tweaks when they can’t purshase because of number reasons like no credit card for example. So every week, I try to provide you a new giveaway of a new cool tweak, theme or app. But today, I want to let know what developers think about piracy on Cydia. On Tweakgiveaway, we have only developers who sell their work, so their work is surely hacked and pirated by number of users. So I asked them what do they think about piracy on Cydia and here are their answers!

Joshua Tucker ( @joshmtucker ):

Piracy is an unfortunate inevitability. The jailbreak community, like many similar communities, have a group of people who came because of the ability to “get free stuff,” but also, many Cydia users are unable to pay for packages because they are underage or aren’t able to use PayPal or Amazon Payments in their own country. Both of these represent a huge part of the Cydia user base.

Piracy can never be stopped, but there are many ways to prevent it. Often pirates are treated like dirt and constantly stand bashing from developers, other users, moderators on forums, etc. Is piracy bad? Yes – but you shouldn’t demean a person’s humanity over it. Most of us sometime in our lives engaged in a form piracy or have done something wrong. No doubt. You will never win a person to the “good side” if you make them feel like the scum of the earth. Price your packages fairly, treat others with utmost respect, and create things that people see value in – value that they’ll pay for. You’re not going to convince everyone, but don’t let that bog you down and shift your focus from doing new and creative things. Bill Cosby once said “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” Dwelling on what you can’t get won’t allow you to continue what you can do – create great things.

Now that doesn’t mean you should give your packages away to every person that asks or vet requests for users who can’t access PayPal or Amazon, but you shouldn’t write off people immediately because of their choice to pirate something.

Ryan Petrich ( @Rpetrich ):

Piracy was something I worried about a fair bit when I first started building packages for Cydia, but it’s actually mostly a distraction from providing service to real customers and building new products. Building an anti-piracy system that works well and doesn’t destroy user confidence is actually a hard problem. Time is better spent improving real features or bringing new products to market.

Where piracy hurts is when old out of date versions of your product are being distributed. That gives people a skewed perspective of your product and fills your support inbox with issues that are difficult to remedy if it isn’t compatible with the latest iOS version, for example.