[GiveAway] Auto Tap by @kyle_lu

Evening fellow Jailbreakers!
As the title hints Auto tap created by developer Yong is a jailbreak tweak that helps you generate autotomatic taps on your screen. It’s a useful tweak especially if used within certain games such as the Tap Titans, where users must tap the screen repeatedly and quickly! It is easily activated within any app or game just by tapping with three fingers on the screen. To disable it, just tap again but with two fingers this time. Else you can assign any Activator gesture you like!


To win one of the 10 free licenses, you have to:

– Follow @TweakGiveaway & @kyle_lu on Twitter
– Tweet this message:

Visit @TweakGiveaway to win 10 free licenses of Auto Tap, a tweak by Yong.

– Post a comment with your tweet’s link and a nice message.

Well, now just wait for the draw! This giveaway will be over on June 8th.

Bye, Nikost.