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Give a speed boost to your web browsers! Every day we open the browser to surf the internet. Some use Safari, others use Chrome, or any other web browser in the App Store. But what you have to know is that Apple applied some restrictions to the external browsers. The JavaScript language has a JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler that only works in Safari. This compiler makes the page loading speed 5x times faster!

Well, the other thing that you have to know is that there’s a solution, and it’s called Nitrous! This awesome tweak by Joe Jordan unlocks the JavaScript JIT compiler to the other web browsers, allowing us to surf faster on our favorite browsers! Speed is the key!


To win one of the 10 free licenses, you have to:

– Follow @TweakGiveaway & @ j0edj on Twitter
– Tweet this message:

Visit @TweakGiveaway to win 10 free licenses of Nitrous, a tweak by Joe Jordan.

– Post a comment with your tweet’s link and a nice message 😉

Well, now just wait for the draw! This giveaway will be over on June 7th.

Cya, Andreags4.